caricature / editorial comic

[bientôt en français]

Québec’s 2012 student strike became an important protest movement such that it occupied a daily space on the front page of daily newspapers, was a regular segment on evening newscasts and was the subject of hundreds of editorial cartoons in local, regional and national newspapers by the likes of Ygreck (aka Yannick Lemay), Garnotte (aka Michel Garneau), André-Philippe Côté, Yvon Roy, Hervé Philippe, Aislin (aka Terry Mosher) & Pascal Élie, Pierre Brignaud, Bado (aka Guy Badeaux) Gaétan, Fleg (aka Christian Daigle), Serge Chapleau, Dave Rosen, Métievié (aka Serge Métivier), Patrick Dea and other political caricaturists.

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